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Dream Catcher 16 gates (Various Colors)

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Dream Catcher is hand carved in meditation and cast in fine sterling silver. Dream Catcher is a great tool to open your visionary self, your third eye, to see more of what's coming as well as to connect more with your spiritual lineage or spirit guides. This helps with nurturing and support from the spirit realm, giving you more divine assistance. This pendant is a spiritual strengthening and protection piece used to filter dreams as well as to confirm spiritual growth. This pendant helps people to move through high-frequency blockages and connect more readily to your spiritual guidance. Great for times of change as well as times of emotional hardship. It also helps to manifest in this dimension through visionary self and spiritual guidance. It also helps protect us from negative energies and beings. 

This amazing pendant was carved with sacred geometry, Fibonacci spirals, and the sacred circle to help direct and move energy as well as nurture. There are 16 openings around the outside to symbolize confirmation of great changes. There is Mark's at the 4 directions on the outer circle as well to connect to the full cycle of life. 

*Can be made with any stone. Email for custom. 

Moonstone: is an amazing clairvoyant and psychic stone used for development and strengthening. It's an amazing nighttime energy and feminine energy stone for creative expression and feminine balance. Moonstone is a powerful healing stone for shamans, healers, and psychics.

Red Garnet: This stone is used for grounding to the earth's energy, balancing sensual energy, strengthening nurturing, and taming the animal's reactive self, or emotional reactions.

Blue Topaz: is an amazing visionary stone and helps to open the 3rd eye. Its also amazing at opening communication with spirit guides, angels, and God. Blue topaz is one of the most powerful healing stones on the planet and has been used by almost every culture for high-frequency healing. 

Rainbow opal:  full spectrum healing. Opens a mystical and visionary connection to help with manifestation.


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